Priming the Turtle deck (2nd coat) and fuel tank straps and continued work on the exhaust channel

Today re-shot primer on the turtle deck and also shot primer on the fuel tank straps. While that was drying worked on the exhaust channel. I fabricated some angles and drilled the rivet holes and clecoed them in place. I also drilled the cleco holes to hold the the three pieces together. I think I will shoot 1/8 button head rivets into those rather than screws. I got some marks on the firewall sheet that I will drill through and attache the front side of the exhaust channel to tie everything together that I need to fold using the brake at the airport.

After that I worked on the rear baffles on the engine. I bought the three pieces of the rear baffle from Vans since they take too much brain power and way to much work to make and for $61 I think it was worth my time and money. As it turns out they fit great and all I need to do in fabricate the #3 and #4 cylinder baffles. I quickly traced out the cylindar shape and then cut that out of 0.032 sheet I had left over. I then needed to do some folding in the brake so I took the firewall and the cylinder baffles to the airport to put a couple of bends in them.

After all that I sanded the turtle deck fuel tank straps smooth and then shot the blue on the turtle deck and straps.

Time spent today 8 hours
Total time spent 1440 hours

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