Fuel lines, Electrical, Assembly, and Decals

Today was a fairly productive day. I started off by routing the mixture and throttle cables to their proper place and securing the through firewall “eyeballs”. I also routed and attached the Mag P leads to the starter/ignition switch along with the CHT leads, oil pressure, oil temperature. I Then moved on to the fuel lines again. I measured and marked a piece of 5052 tubing from the wobble pump to the fire wall made two bend in it and trimmed and cut it to size. I then moved on to the wobble pump to gascolator which has 1- 90 deg bend in it. and finally I worked on assembling the fuel pressure line and fuel sight tube lines (both top and bottom of the fuel tank. I also routed and clamped the power line to the start from the battery. It was around 1730 in the evening and my wife called down to say that UPS has showed up and dropped off my decals which included my “N” number and various other decals.

Time sent 8 hours
Total time spent 1448

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