Flaring fuel lines and clamping and tying up electrical and fuel lines

After a day of boating and while at the airport (yes we keep the boat the airport) I used the pipe flaring tool to flare my previously bent and rounted fuel lines from the fuel tank to the fuel switch and the gascolator the wobble pump then from the wobble pump the firewall. I also flared the 1/4 lines from the top of the fuel tank the top of the sight tube and from the bottom of tank to the bottom of the sight tube. I then got home and fitted everything up and positioned some adel clamps so they they were nice and secure. I spent quite a long time tiding things up in the fuselage so that they were routed and clamped down nice, neat and secure. After a long day I fitted the cowling to see how everything lined up and then temp screwed it in place for safe transport.

Time Spent today 4 hours
Total time spent 1152 hours

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