Moving the Plane out of the Basement and to the Airport

Today was a big day. I spent the first part of the day finishing up some misc. items that were easy to do while I was in A/C. I clamped a few things down like the slobber pot (air/oil separator) and the inverted oil valve. I also took apart the engine stand and reserected it into wing standoffs so that I can transport the wings to the airport lying flat so that it wouldn’t damage the wing or scratch the paint. I used my spare 1/4″ all thread to bolt the 2X4″ and 2X3″ with foam inbetween the wing and the wood and then snugged them to the spars through the I-strut holes. I also took the horizontal tail back apart for transport. I attached the rudder stearing horn permently and then attached the chains from the tail wheel to the horn. Then lastly I laid the wings flat and burned the drain holes with a soldering iron which worked really well (nice clean hole and didn’t take long. Also in preparation I had to open up the other side of paint booth and move some cardboard boxes out of the way of the basement outside door.

At that point I went to the airport to grab by buddies 27 ft long Wells Cargo enclosed car trailer but by that time it was 5 PM and wicked looking t-storm was brewing. After looking at the RADAR I decided we would wait to transport the fuse or wings until it passed. By 7 PM it was game on and the door came off and my wife and I shimmyed the aircraft over the door threshold and out on to the concreate pad where I jacked up the axles to put the wheels on. Once on I rolled it across the grass to the awaiting trailer and this is where my neighbors had impecable timing and showed up just when we were trying to get it into the trailer. It is a ramp but the street is sloped such that we couldn’t get the airplane up in to the trailer. My neighbors pulled up at that same time and helpped up push it up in to the trailer (Thanks Chris and Cindy your timing couldn’t have been more perfect!) We got the plane straped down and off the to the airport with no further issues.

The next trip was much easier. We had some carpet replaced a 3 or so years ago and I kept the carpet and padding. I unrolled the padding into the trailer an then set the wings down on it just as a safety pre-caution. The 10 minute trip the airport was un-eventful thankfully and the wings are safely at the hangar.

After all that I came back and relatively quickly fabricated the spacer bock for the two elevator halves out of 2024 T3 3/4X1/2 bar stock. And then spent 15-20 mintues organizing a load of tools and parts to take the airport tomorrow.

Time spent today 11 hours
Total time spent 1463 hours

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