Attaching the Flying wires, tightening the bolt and nuts

Several day round up. After Eve and I got the wings mounted I was able to get all the flying wires routed and clevis and nuts installed. The next day I was able to get elevator trim cable routed and installed, even though it was a pain in the ass i got it done. I then worked on installing the new clevis’s on the tail wires. I figured it would be logical to get the tail rigged and wires tightened. I used my digital level to level the aircraft then i leveled the tail and tighten the wires. I made sure the tail stayed at 0.0 degs to match the longerons. I also installed the stabilizer support tube. Finally I installed the new 1/2″ spacer block and three bolts to finish off the elevators. I also spent some time checking the AOI on the wings to see where I was on the wings after tightening the bolts. I may have to make a small adjustment to he right wing lower wing AOI but we’ll see once I get the wings rigged.

Time spent 8 hours
Total time spent 1477 hours

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