Rigging the wing Part 2

Well with much reluctance I decided I wanted to adjust the AOI on the right upper and lower wing tips so that they are exactly the same as the roots. To do this I had to detension the wires. So I detensioned the wires but I ran into a bit of a snag litterally. Even though I had sprayed Molyibdenum Di-sulfide on all the wire threads I had one of the landing wire and clevis gall on me while removing them. I had to cut off the clevis and about 1/2″ to 3/4″ of wire. It looked as though I had enough wire left to tension them up again (I had plenty after it was all said and done). So this time I put wheel grease over the moly disulfide as a extra lubricant. This seemed to work better but I still think if I had to de-tension them again I will try something else some kind of combination/concoction. Steen puts some sort of black grease type substance and those wires are so smooth. Anyway after several hours of messing with that wire I finally got around to putting two AN960 washers unt the top wing leading edge spar an the lower right wing leading edge spar and then retensioned wires. Since I had so many problems with the wires I just started from scratch on the rig. This time I have 1.5 deg AOI at the root and tips of each lower wings and at the center section and tips of the upper wing. This combined with absoulutly no dihedral or anhedral in the upper with and 0.8 deg dihedral in the lower wings and wires are all tensioned to 750 lb. I have what I now deem a perfect rig. We’ll see how it flys then make adjustments after that.

Time spent tonight 4 hours
Total time spent 1487 hours

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