Baffle trim, fit and install

Today I spent a really long time working on the rear baffles. I started off by measuring how much of the baffle I would need to trim off. I measured marked and then trimmed the excess off the baffle. I then put the cowling up temporarily to check and I saw that I need to trim more. Once I got it the correct height I spent some time cleaning up the edges and drilling holes for the overlap screws. After I got everything cleaned up and de-burred I shot some rivets to connect them. I also installed some nut plates in the overlap area. I drilled and trimmed the ignition lead plastic grommets holes and ran the ignition leads through them. I then drilled all the holes for the screws that hold the silicone baffle seal to the baffle. I then installed everything including the safety wire that ties the bottom pieces together. After all that I installed the prop. It still needs to be torqued and safety wired so I’ll do that tomorrow.

Time spent today 8 hours
Total time spent 1498 hours

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