Riveting the forward belly pan torquing and safety wiring the prop

two day roll up on sunday I spent quite a bit of time working on the belly pan by drilling holes for the rivets continued fitting and shaping until I was happy. I then dimpled out the rivet holes and hand bucked all the rivets. I also installed 4 nut plates to attach the firewall to the belly. On tuesday I brought out the right wheel pant and fairing so that I could check the intersection fairings I bought from Vans. I don’t think they will fit and I may send them back. The problem is they arn’t made very will and will need quite a bit of work to make them ready for paint and I just don’t see how the gear leg fairing will be correctly angled in to the airflow when the intersection fairing is smoothly laying on the wheel pant. It may be because they are shaped for the RV 6 and 7 and the sweep angle of the gear may be different. After that I trimmed the left kick panel slightly so that the pitot static lines will go through. And finally I torqued the prop to 40 then 50 and finally 60 ft-lb in accordance with the twisted composites paper work. After they were torqued I safety wired the prop bolts.

Time spent 10 hours
Total time spent 1508 hours

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