Matco wheels and brakes and fuel vent line and drain line

Today I recieved my Matco Wheels and brakes. I went with the WE-51L which are 6.5 pounds each and are goo looking. Dimensionally I new they may pose a dimensional issue as they are slightly smaller than the standard clevland 40-78 wheels. The first issue is the brake plate to wheel hub on the vans brake plate is only 3/4″ when you add in the standard 1/4″ spacer it come to 1″. This wheel needs about 1.4″ so I will have to add to the vans brake plate/spacer by 3/8″ because I want to keep the 1/4″ thick spacer so that would bring it out to 1.388 inchs on the brake plate to axle spacing. All the vans brake plate tube is is a 1 3/8 0.058 4130 tube. So I have a little work to do to get them to fit.

I also routed the fuel tank vent line and drilled a hole in the forward belly panel and installed a grommet. I used my polyurethane tubing for half of the vent line so that I avoid making a bunch of complicated bends and routing lines. I also did some bends to route the fuel drain line and now I need to weld on the union fitting to a plate install the nut plates drill the hole through the forward belly panel and screw it in place.

Time spent 4 hours
Total time spent 1512 hours

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