Routing the fuel drain line, engine ground

Today I spent a good chunk of the day doing some relatively seemingly simple tasks of routing the fuel drain line. I didn’t want to waste any more 5052 tube so I decided to get the route good with my 3003 tube that is really flexible first then match it with the tube bender. First thing was first though, before I left for the airport I welded the 1/8″ NPT union to the attachment plate for the drain pet cock and the staight flare fitting at the bottom of the fuel drain tube. Once I got to the airport I counter sunk and bucked the nut plates that hold the plate to the bottom belly pan. After all that was done i was able to get an idea on how the routing was going to end up. I used the versa tube (3003-0) to get my routing right and I matched pretty quickly. I then flared both sides and installed the tube.

After that I had my wife help me route and secure my engine ground wire. I have a ground wire that comes off one of the four studs that would be where a prop governor would go if I had one. I have a 4 gauge wire that go to one of the mouning bolts for the inverted oil valve which acts like a ground lug. On the back side (inside the cockpit) I have more 4 gauge wire that runs all the way back to the battery. This way the battery has a non frame ground attachment to the starter. The only wires that ground to be frame are master switch and the oil pressure and temp gauges. If the ground isn’t good enough I will route a ground wire to the ground lug and attach it there. But I’m betting it will be plenty good.

I also finished up drilling the final holes for the rivets of the 3/4″ angle on the bottom side of the firewall so that I can finish the forward belly pan. Those rivits just need to be installed and that area is finished up.

Time spent today 6 hour
Total time spent 1518 hours

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