Rigging the wing Part 2

July 16, 2012

Well with much reluctance I decided I wanted to adjust the AOI on the right upper and lower wing tips so that they are exactly the same as the roots. To do this I had to detension the wires. So I detensioned the wires but I ran into a bit of a snag litterally. Even though I had sprayed Molyibdenum Di-sulfide on all the wire threads I had one of the landing wire and clevis gall on me while removing them. I had to cut off the clevis and about 1/2″ to 3/4″ of wire. It looked as though I had enough wire left to tension them up again (I had plenty after it was all said and done). So this time I put wheel grease over the moly disulfide as a extra lubricant. This seemed to work better but I still think if I had to de-tension them again I will try something else some kind of combination/concoction. Steen puts some sort of black grease type substance and those wires are so smooth. Anyway after several hours of messing with that wire I finally got around to putting two AN960 washers unt the top wing leading edge spar an the lower right wing leading edge spar and then retensioned wires. Since I had so many problems with the wires I just started from scratch on the rig. This time I have 1.5 deg AOI at the root and tips of each lower wings and at the center section and tips of the upper wing. This combined with absoulutly no dihedral or anhedral in the upper with and 0.8 deg dihedral in the lower wings and wires are all tensioned to 750 lb. I have what I now deem a perfect rig. We’ll see how it flys then make adjustments after that.

Time spent tonight 4 hours
Total time spent 1487 hours


Rigging the wings and tensioning the flying and landing wires

July 15, 2012

Today I spent most of the afternoon rigging the wings and tensioning the flying and landing wires. I re-leveled the fuselage laterally and longitudinally at the cockpit longerons. I then leveled the upper wing and started tightening the landing wires to bring the upper wing to fully level with no anhedral or dihedral. I used my three livingston wing rigging boards one on the center section and one on each tip of the upper wing to check for anhedral and dihedral. If all three board tops line up there is none. I then started incrementally tightening the flying wires and landing wires to such that the tension came up but the wings didn’t move. I got the landing wires up to 750 lb measured this using my tensionmeter from Holloyway engineering. http://www.radialengine.com . The flying wires a a tad less tension since the geometery is more favorable, but both are between 650 and 750 lb as per the S-1S maintenence manual. I then checked my Angle of Incidence (AOI) to see where I was. The upper wing center section was right at 1.5 deg which is to be expected since I checked this when I rigged the wings before covering. The left upper wing tip was at 1.5 deg which is perfect and the left lower wing tip was at 1.5 deg along with the both lower wing roots. The right upper wing tip was at 1.0 deg and the right lower wing tip was at 2.0 so I’m off by 0.5 deg there or about 0.160″ or 2 AN960 and 1 AN960L washer if I do my geometry correctly. Unfortuanatlly the lower right wing tip is at too much AOI and the upper right tip is at to few so I have to de-tension to added the washers under both front spars. I tried very hard to get this just perfect during welding but I guess I just didn’t quite get there I was off by about 5/32″ boo hoo. So tomorrow I will de-tension and add those washers in and re-tension to see where I am no big deal.

Time spent today 6 hours
Total time spent 1483 hours

Attaching the Flying wires, tightening the bolt and nuts

July 12, 2012

Several day round up. After Eve and I got the wings mounted I was able to get all the flying wires routed and clevis and nuts installed. The next day I was able to get elevator trim cable routed and installed, even though it was a pain in the ass i got it done. I then worked on installing the new clevis’s on the tail wires. I figured it would be logical to get the tail rigged and wires tightened. I used my digital level to level the aircraft then i leveled the tail and tighten the wires. I made sure the tail stayed at 0.0 degs to match the longerons. I also installed the stabilizer support tube. Finally I installed the new 1/2″ spacer block and three bolts to finish off the elevators. I also spent some time checking the AOI on the wings to see where I was on the wings after tightening the bolts. I may have to make a small adjustment to he right wing lower wing AOI but we’ll see once I get the wings rigged.

Time spent 8 hours
Total time spent 1477 hours

Installing the tail and the wings

July 10, 2012

Today was another big milestone. I got the tail installed and the upper and lower wings installed along with the flying and landing wires. Everything was left loose so that I can rig the wings in the coming days. My loving wife was there to help me install the upper wing. Here are the photos:

Time Spent Today 3 hours
Total Time Spent 1467 hours

Moving the Plane out of the Basement and to the Airport

July 8, 2012

Today was a big day. I spent the first part of the day finishing up some misc. items that were easy to do while I was in A/C. I clamped a few things down like the slobber pot (air/oil separator) and the inverted oil valve. I also took apart the engine stand and reserected it into wing standoffs so that I can transport the wings to the airport lying flat so that it wouldn’t damage the wing or scratch the paint. I used my spare 1/4″ all thread to bolt the 2X4″ and 2X3″ with foam inbetween the wing and the wood and then snugged them to the spars through the I-strut holes. I also took the horizontal tail back apart for transport. I attached the rudder stearing horn permently and then attached the chains from the tail wheel to the horn. Then lastly I laid the wings flat and burned the drain holes with a soldering iron which worked really well (nice clean hole and didn’t take long. Also in preparation I had to open up the other side of paint booth and move some cardboard boxes out of the way of the basement outside door.

At that point I went to the airport to grab by buddies 27 ft long Wells Cargo enclosed car trailer but by that time it was 5 PM and wicked looking t-storm was brewing. After looking at the RADAR I decided we would wait to transport the fuse or wings until it passed. By 7 PM it was game on and the door came off and my wife and I shimmyed the aircraft over the door threshold and out on to the concreate pad where I jacked up the axles to put the wheels on. Once on I rolled it across the grass to the awaiting trailer and this is where my neighbors had impecable timing and showed up just when we were trying to get it into the trailer. It is a ramp but the street is sloped such that we couldn’t get the airplane up in to the trailer. My neighbors pulled up at that same time and helpped up push it up in to the trailer (Thanks Chris and Cindy your timing couldn’t have been more perfect!) We got the plane straped down and off the to the airport with no further issues.

The next trip was much easier. We had some carpet replaced a 3 or so years ago and I kept the carpet and padding. I unrolled the padding into the trailer an then set the wings down on it just as a safety pre-caution. The 10 minute trip the airport was un-eventful thankfully and the wings are safely at the hangar.

After all that I came back and relatively quickly fabricated the spacer bock for the two elevator halves out of 2024 T3 3/4X1/2 bar stock. And then spent 15-20 mintues organizing a load of tools and parts to take the airport tomorrow.

Time spent today 11 hours
Total time spent 1463 hours

Flaring fuel lines and clamping and tying up electrical and fuel lines

July 7, 2012

After a day of boating and while at the airport (yes we keep the boat the airport) I used the pipe flaring tool to flare my previously bent and rounted fuel lines from the fuel tank to the fuel switch and the gascolator the wobble pump then from the wobble pump the firewall. I also flared the 1/4 lines from the top of the fuel tank the top of the sight tube and from the bottom of tank to the bottom of the sight tube. I then got home and fitted everything up and positioned some adel clamps so they they were nice and secure. I spent quite a long time tiding things up in the fuselage so that they were routed and clamped down nice, neat and secure. After a long day I fitted the cowling to see how everything lined up and then temp screwed it in place for safe transport.

Time Spent today 4 hours
Total time spent 1152 hours

Fuel lines, Electrical, Assembly, and Decals

July 6, 2012

Today was a fairly productive day. I started off by routing the mixture and throttle cables to their proper place and securing the through firewall “eyeballs”. I also routed and attached the Mag P leads to the starter/ignition switch along with the CHT leads, oil pressure, oil temperature. I Then moved on to the fuel lines again. I measured and marked a piece of 5052 tubing from the wobble pump to the fire wall made two bend in it and trimmed and cut it to size. I then moved on to the wobble pump to gascolator which has 1- 90 deg bend in it. and finally I worked on assembling the fuel pressure line and fuel sight tube lines (both top and bottom of the fuel tank. I also routed and clamped the power line to the start from the battery. It was around 1730 in the evening and my wife called down to say that UPS has showed up and dropped off my decals which included my “N” number and various other decals.

Time sent 8 hours
Total time spent 1448