Seat Pan #2

Tonight I tackled the second try at the seat pan with much improved results. Last night I had marked the cut dimensions and rough cut the seat out. Today I cut the notches at back of the seat as the drawings show and then folded it over a 3/4″ tube I had clamped to a table. I also cut I then check the fit on the aircraft and drilled and clecoed the aft part of the seat to the aircraft. Then I folded the front of the seat around the front tube and marked the location of where the two connected. I removed everything and drilled and clecoed the front. I trimmmed everything up and checked the fit again with clecos. Once everything looked good I drilled the holes out to #8 size screws and the debured all the edges and filed radiuses into the cut outs and installed the seat with screws to make it removeable if I desired.

Time spent 2 hours
total time spent 1523 hours

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