Etching priming and painting the forward belly panel/exhaust channel

Two day roll up. I brought the belly panel home for etch, prime, and paint. I started off by etch of course which goes pretty quick. Clean with the Eko clean, rinse with fresh water, spray on the eko-etch scrub with scotch brite for atleast 3 min then rise with fresh water let dry. While it was drying I re sanded the gear leg fairings with 80 grit and then shot them with primmer so I could see where the the pin hole are. I then too a long break to continue to let the panel dry. After a several hours I primed the belly panel and gave everything a rest for the evening. The next day I sanded the belly panel smooth and then shot it the blue Eko-poly. I also covered the gear leg fairings with 3m body putty/filler to hopefully get the pin holes filled. I left the vacuum at the airport so I will have to sand those another day since it is such a mess with out it.

Time spent 5 hours
Total time spent 1531 hours

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