Fabricating the lower wing lower fairings and lower horizontal tail fairings

I spent most of the day working on the lower fairings for both the lower wing and the lower side of the horiztonal tail. However it should be noted that I did spend an hour installing the silcone baffle seal on the engine baffles not much to talk about there simply measured cut then drill the hole and install a screw and nut.

I then moved on to the lower fairings. The lower side of the lower wing fairings looked like they should be fairly straight forward so I simply followed the exact dimensions on the drawings and cut a 3 1/2 piece of 0.032 and made the 5/8 10 deg folds on both sides (opposite directions) then the 10 deg diagonal fold for the aft end and viola they fit right up perfectly. I then drilled some holes for the screws and mounted them up to the wings. Both sides were pretty easy.

The cutting and fitting of the lower horiztonal tail fairings were a bit more difficult. I used my pencil “scribe” all it is is a pend zip tied perpindicular to a pencil and the I attach a piece of poster board to the sabilizer and use the capped pen as a “standoff” to trace the profile on to the the poster board. I then cut that out with scissors and trace it on to alumnium. It’s never perfect so I need to proabably an hour of trimming and fitting to get them to fit right. After those were completed I called it a night.

Time spent 6 hours
Total time spent 1564 hours

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