Ground Running the Engine

Several day round up here.  I finished up the fuel system by re-installing the gascolator bowl.  I added about 4 gallons of fuel to the tank and checked around for leaks and found none.  I then opened fuel valve and started pumping the wobble pump which took apart and installed a new gasket and windings (so that could be a source of fuel leak to) and it took about 40 or 50 pumps to get the fuel down in to the fuel lines and into the fuel pump but it eventually got there and worked well no leaks.  I then installed the battery and checked to make sure the master switch worked and did some final checks and pulled the plane out of the hangar for the ground run.  I got in and primed it hit the starter and it couldn’t pull the prop through.  My battery is kinda old so this wasn’t completely unexpected but I have some suspicions that my starter solenoid was going bad.  It was getting late so just pulled the plane back in and called it a night.

Fast forward to Wed 8/29 I had a long weekend mini vacation so I got back to it on wednesday this time I brought out another battery that I new would work and tried that.  It didn’t even turn over the prop.  So then borrowed a buddies deep cycle gel cell batter and and turn the starter over and it did turn over with more authority but it wasn’t great.  It was however good enough to get the engine started.

I ran the engine for about 10 minutes and got the oil up to about 150 deg. The mag checks, oil pressure and oil temperature were also good. I had my buddy to a leak check while the engine was running, no leaks were noted. The idle RPM was a tiny bit low so that will need an adjustment.

Friday 8/31 I decided to change out the starter solenoid so I went down and got one installed it and tried my old batter again. It actually started it this time so that may have been part of the problem. I also checked the fuel screen again to make sure nothing was in it and everything was nice and clean.

Time spent 8 hours
Total time spent 1582 hours.

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