Taking the plane back apart for final inspection

Today and yesterday I spent most of the day running through the appendix D of the FAR 43 checking and double checking my plane for airworthiness. I also had an A&P IA come by and take a look for a few hours to see if I missed anything. I had a few issues mostly with wire routings and but he didn’t see any major things. He had me put a large washer on the outside of my throttle and mixture rod ends (good catch). And I also had a slightly loose upper wing Istrut bolt (you could spin the washer but the bolt was snug) So I went back and checked all those bolts. I went down the route of torque striping all the controls and he mentioned that I had gone down a slippery slope so basically everything needed to be torque striped. I also had to take the belly pan off so that I could safety wire the gascolator.

Time spent 10 hours
Total time spent 1630 hours

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