Airworthiness Inspection and First Flight!

So after a overseas 2 week vacation I finally got the FSDO to come down and inspect my plane. Wednesday the inspector showed up took a look at the vitals and said, “well this will be the easiest one I’ve ever done, you did a really nice job” That made me feel really good and 40 minutes later I had a set of operating limitations, flight test area map, an airworthiness certificate, and smile.

Wednesday and Thursday night I spent the evening putting the plane back together, I installed all the panels and fairings.

I installed the wheel fairings Friday morning and when the weather cleared I started the plane up and taxied out to the runway made double sure that everything was running great and poured on the throttle. She got airborne rather quickly and climbed like a homesick angel. It was a short flight but I look forward to more successful flights. The hurricane was baring down on us so I put her away for the weekend and I will do some more flying when the weather gets better. Here are some photos.

One Response to Airworthiness Inspection and First Flight!

  1. dwisehart says:

    Woohoo! That is SWEET, Bret. Keep us up to date on your progress and test program.


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