Build photo links

Once again google has screwed my hyperlinks here are the update links to the RV gear mod and Aircraft build photos

2 Responses to Build photo links

  1. Joseph Murphy says:

    What’s the latest on the aircraft? Beautiful build. Find any nagging issues since completion? Looks like my dream bird!

    • acropilotbret says:

      It flies quite a bit about 40 or so hours a year. I just completed the 7th conditional inspection. During the last 6 years I developed new ailerons and installed them recently. This improved the control feel dramatically and improved the roll rate from 215 deg/sec to 265 deg/sec. The new ailerons have about 4.5 hours on them and just took them back off to finish painting the blue and silver on them. Randomly this year I had one loose drag wire in the lower right wing which I had to cut my fabric a bit to get to my access hole to tighten it. The plane has 340 or so hours on it.

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