The first 8 hours, Climb Performance, Level Flight Performance, Roll Performance and Aerobatics

November 25, 2012

I have been flying quite a lot (for me at least)  We have had great weather on the weekends and I have been taking advantage of all of them.  I have now logged 8.1 hours of flight time and everything is going well.  I have completed climb performance, descent performance at 2,000 Ft Hp, I have also completed Level Flight Performance at 2 and 4,000 ft Hp.  As for aerobatics I have completed roll performance and quite a lot of maneuvers; Loop, rolls, Half, full and reverse have cuban eights, Hammer heads, 2/4, 3/4 and full vertical up and down rolls, and Stalls.  The following are my results so far:

Stall Speed: 63 Mph (The stall is completely straight with no roll off)

Vy @ 2,000 ft Hp: 2,812 ft/min at 114 mph

Vx @ 2,000 ft Hp: 84 mph at 20 deg flight path angle

Best Glide @ 2,000 ft Hp: 96 mph with 7.7:1 glide ratio

Vmin Rate of Descent at 2,000 ft Hp: 90 mph at 1,050 ft/min

Max Endurance at 2,000 ft : 5.4 hours at 85 mph

Max Endurance at 4,000 ft Hp: 5.6 hours at 90 mph

Max Range No reserve @ 2,000 ft Hp:  450 Miles at 92 mph

Max Range No reserve @ 4,000 ft Hp:  530 Miles at 103 mph

Here are the results for the aerobatics in this video, although it is sloppy aerobatics it was nice to flop the plane around for the first time.