Powder coating time

October 24, 2011

I packed up the truck with the fuselage, Stabs, Rudder, Elevator, all the control tubes, I-struts, and a box full of parts and pieces. The powder coater I used will be media blasting, phosphate wash and Powder coating with TCI 9840 Signal white. The powdercoat is a Polyester TGIC powder which has excellent chemical resistance and is nice and crack resistant. So hopefully I will be able to go pick it up by the end of the week. Also made up some really detailed instructions and photos with labels at the below links.

Powder Coating parts pictures.ppt

More slave strut checks and misc gluing

February 1, 2011

Tonight I spent a fair amount of time checking the aileron slave struts again trying to come up with a configuration that reduces the friction down. I had the upper wing set up on top of old washing machine boxes and I set the lower left wing on the floor set at approximate dihedral and temp installed the I-struts and slave struts. I messed around that for awhile figuring out that will need to shim the top slave strut drive out approx 1/8″ or 2 normal washers.

I also messed around with the balance of the ailerons as it turns out I currently don’t need nose balance but I actually need about 16 grams of tail balance with the slave strut installed. The way I figured this out was weighing the slave strut and dividing it by half and applying that in a small paper bowl with that amount of screws tied to the slave strut arm. The nose sat low I then added about 16 grams of weight at the trailing edge and that leveled the aileron. I did some small displacements of the aileron to make sure it returned to neutral and it did. To double check this I checked the balance with the ailerons connected together and it does sit nose low but I added 16 grams to each aileron trailing edge and it turns out it sat at neutral. At this point I am not inclined to add any weight to the aileron tail as with the covering the aileron will likely end up tail heavy with the weight of the covering.

After that I measured and cut the wooden struts in the last two bays of the wings. This is the 5/8″ by 1/2″ spruce strut. I glued that in place. I also glued the trailing edge pieces on the lower wings as well as one of the spar cap fill strips at the last non-tapered bay of the lower wings.

Time spent tonight 4 hours
Total time spent 475 hours

Fitting the Slave struts

January 29, 2011

Today I wanted to get the slave struts fitted so that I could get the wings off the fuse and brought back home for finishing. There are several options for the end of the slave strut one can use a fork but it has to be custom machined like the S1-11 drawings call for or you can use a rod end. I decided to use a rod end. Anyway I when to fit the slave strut with the fork up like on the S-1S and S1-11 drawings however this doesn’t fit with the Raven control arm. The control arm hits the back of the slave strut. So what I did was decided to remove a little material to allow more room to get the appropriate control throw. I don’t have a picture of this but I don’t recommend it. Anyway I decided that wasn’t going to work very well and I had seen on the S-1T that the slave struts are actually inverted so that the rod end bearing was on the upper aileron. It wouldn’t make any difference which side it was on anyhow and it fit much better. However, I had to remove a lot material from the leading edge the same width of the slave strut almost all the way back to the spar, but I figured it would be ok since there is a larger flange on the spar there to distribute the load over the area. I will take a picture later and post it. Any way I think I have it all figured out. The current cut out is rough and will need to radius widened, this was just to get it to temp fit. The only other problem is there isn’t a whole lot of room for the bolt to fit in-between the hinge mount and the slave drive arm. I might need to shim it out some from the bracket it is attached to.

****UPDATED with Pictures****

I got everything I need to get done at the airport so I took the wings off and took them home. Time to finish these things off and get them covered.

Time spent 3 hours
Total time spent 470.5 hours

Slave struts #2

January 28, 2011

Tonight I wanted to finish the slave struts so that I could take the wings back home for finishing. I started by measuring to get the right length. I then cut a piece of 7/16 X 0.120 to 1.75″. I used a #1 drill to ream it out so that I could tap to 1/4-28 for the rod end. I then drilled the other side out to 19/64″ (its what I had 5/16″ would have worked) I only ran that drill down 1 1/8″ so that I maintain about 5/8″ of threads. After that I cut a 3/16 slit in the streamline tube up 1.5″ along the length of the tube toward the front. After that I cut the taper on the back side. Using some clamps I squeezed it all together leaving the insert tube off the end by 1/4″. I welded everything up running two passes down the slit. I then ran beads down the back taper and finished by welding around the end to close everything up. After that I finish welded the top bracket where I left it yesterday and finished by taping the insert tube to 1/4″-28. Rinse and repeat on the other tube.

Time spent today 5.5 hours
Total time spent 467.5 hours

Slave struts

January 27, 2011

Tonight I got the airport and imediatly folded a new set of slave strut channels to the correct dimension this time. I then brought them down to my hangar to drill the holes and fit them them. I used the paper template hole location and drilled a 3/32 hole I then measured where the hole should be in the channel and drilled a 3/32 holes there. Using a cleco I checked the fit all was good. I then proceded to tack the channel in place. I welded the channel to the strut and then re-attached the outside piece using a cleco and a clamp tacked those in place. I welded as much as I could then formed the rest of the outside to match the shape of the stream line tube. It was pretty late so I called it a night. Tomorrow I will wil finish weld the tops and then start on the bottoms.

Time spent today: 3.5 hours
Total time spent: 462 hours