Some helpful and useful websites that I frequent regularly:

The Biplane Forum

Stuart Macreth’s Pitts S-1SS blog

Guido Lepore’s Pitts S-1SS / Wolf Pitts almost website

Ian’s Pitts S-1E rebuild Wolf/Raven Style

Eric’s Pitts S-2 Raven wing Upgrade

Andy Schechter’s Pitts S-1TX build

Chris Gomez Pitts S-1SS blog

Chris Ludwig’s Pitts S-1S Wolf Wing Kit Build

Dave Stoik’s Pitts S-1SS/Wolf mod Rebuild

Heintjie’s Z260 Website

Christen Eagle mods website

Rob Marsicano’s S-1-11X Build

Vendors That I get my parts from:

Aircraft Spruce Where I go first if they don’t have it it probably came from the vendors below.

The Article I wrote in Kit Planes magazine  I don’t endorse the  company that made my exhaust anymore but Sonic Headers I have heard does excellent work now.

York Aircraft

Wolf Aircraft

Raven Aircraft

Steen Aero Lab

Benny Davis Aeroparts


SA0207 – Ed Kolano – Descent Performance Data Reduction

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