RV Gear Mod

I ordered my RV-3 Gear Legs and brackets from Vans here is a list and part number if you wish to do this mod:

U-301 RV-3 Gear leg (Use RV-4 Gear Legs for heavier Pitts) Qty 2

U-405 Axle Spacer Qty 4

U-403 Brake Flange Qty 2

VA-106 Axle Nut Qty 2

Vans Gear leg Fairings

Ok So I’ve pondered on the gear sockets for a week now and have come up with a drawing that matches the RV and Ultimate 10-300 set up attached click the link gear-leg-socket.pdf for the PDF drawing I cooked up in Solidworks 2o04.   I also added 3 more pictures of the Ultimate 10-300 drawings that confirm my socket design.

For a photo tour of how I did this click here on this link http://picasaweb.google.com/acropilotbret/RVGearMod#

For the log of comments just click on the link in the right side box just over there – – ->

Here are some photos of how another guy did it…

One Response to RV Gear Mod

  1. macwolf says:

    Looks reallty good. I’f I hadn’t completed my grove spring gear, I would be trying to copy this. Lots cheaper, and probably lighter too – good luck!

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