1st grey coat for the fuse and sanding and 2nd cross coat for for the elevators, stabs, rudder, I-struts

Today I took a half day off work I got right to work by removing all the parts I shot the night before and pulling the fuselage in for 1 more half cross coat of eko fill white. By the time all this happened the mail man and just delivered my new variable speed orbital palm sander and with this new set up sanding is easy and got right to work sanding the elevators, stabs, rudder and I-struts. I also used my square palm sander with the red scotch bright for areas like the rib stitches and the leading and trailing edges of the parts. Once the sanding was done I wanted to shoot a coat of grey on to the fuselage but I also wanted to see how my sanding was working on so I also shot the 2nd cross coat on my left horizontal stabilizer. Once those dried I pulled them out of the booth and I spent some time figuring out a way to secure all the other parts so that they are rigid but I could also get around them to paint them with out touching them. I took half of my extension ladder and wired it to the ceiling to secure them to it using some spare wood, screws and clamps. after I had this all figured out I was to a break for dinner which gave me enough time to sand the 2nd cross coat on the left horizontal stabilizer so I could shoot a 3rd cross coat on that while shot the second X coat on all the rest of the parts. With the ladder holding everything tight I was able to do all the above parts in one sitting.

Time spent 8 hours
Total time spent 1179 hours

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