Preparing to fit the new Annular Cowling

I went flying today after work got in a 0.6 flying my intermediate freestyle.  I then did a true airspeed calc.  I plane hasn’t been washed in a awhile and is pretty darn dirty so at 5000 feet I trued out at 149.5 at 2700 RPM straight and level.    Anyway I have decided that it was time to start the cowling mod.  I received my prop extension which is a Vans 2 1/4″ solid prop extension made by Saber Mfg.

Anyway I spend the rest of the time after flying removing my Prop, cowling and exhaust to help make the fitting easier since I already know that the exhaust will have to be modified.

Time Spent 2.0 hours.  Total time spend on the cowling mod 2.0 hours

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