Exhaust Re-Route

So I haven’t done that much since before Thanksgiving but yesterday. I got an email from Rich at Aircraft Exhaust he asked when I would be getting my exhaust mock up to him. I told him early next week. So I need to get bustin’ on the re-route. A couple of weeks ago I bought some PVC and mocked out my exhaust re-route but didn’t glue it yet because I was waiting on mock up flanges from Aircraft Exhaust. Well I got them about 2 weeks ago but that was right before Thanksgiving and I was also working on the widening of the cowling to fit the engine. Basically I got sidetracked. So tonight I was on a mission to get these routed finalized glued screwed and shipped. I had a friend stop by the hangar tonight and I got side tracked shoot’in the shit and we spent some time playing with the exhaust route to make sure it fit inside the cowling.

Time spent 30 minutes total time on the cowling mod 26.5 hours

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