Nick Nack Clean up

So Now that I have completed major construction on my cowl i have a bunch of nick nacks to clean up to finish this project. Today I installed the 2 1/2″ SCAT flange in to the #4 cylinder baffle for the oil cooler. I cut the old oil cooler lines down to the new size and reinstalled them. I removed the old 90 deg + 45 AN fittings in the oil cooler and re-placed them with a 90 deg flare to NPT fitting. I drilled a new hole for the #2 and #4 cylinder ignition wires since the 2 1/2″ SCAT flange took the place of the old ignition wire hole. I drilled all the holes for the screw that hold the baffle seal on. I installed a hose clamp for the intake SCAT duct. I permanently installed the exhaust and I re-routed some wires. I have some more things to get done like build a hood for the oil cooler, install the baffle seal material. Permenently install the prop and make an oil cooler access door. But there is no reason why I couldn’t get that done this week and try to fly this sucker this weekend if the weather is good enough.

Time spent today 5.5 hours total time so far 75 hours.

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