Lower wings #7 left wing tip

Tonight looking for more to do I decided to drill out I-strut holes through the top doubler completing the I-strut holes I also reamed them out to 17/64 all have left to do there is tape of the bottom fill the hole up with T-88 to seal it up and I will ream it again to the final size.  I also trimmed the corner blocks that fit next to the I-strut doublers so that they would fit between the doubler and the rib.

Searching for more to do I decided to figure out the wing tip geometry and fitting.  I had to slide the tip rib about 1-1/8″ more inboard that so that I didn’t have cut into the tip rib nose far so the final tip will transition nicely.  After that I started to taper the spar and cut to size.  I started with the front spar and made the 45 deg cut I initially did this with my coping saw and two pieces of aluminum strip to guide it.  It worked but was a little ugly so I had an idea to use my powered miter saw to clean it up and that worked surprisingly well.  I then used the saw to cut the rear spar which also worked well.  I trimmed the tip rib and the tip bow so that I could fit it up and temporarily nailed the bow to the spar everything looked great. I then trimmed the spar using my coping saw again and steel plates as guide on both sides. This also worked really well. I sanded the spar smooth.

Time spent today 8 hours
Total time spent 51 hours

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