Finishing the tapes on the upper wing, Making rudder cable fairleads, Taping the ribs of the left horiz stab

Yesterday I got in an order from Aircraft Spruce which had a 1 ft stick of 3/4″ delrin plastic and 6″ Ceconite 102 light for the the aileron coves. I also got some other stuff but they are unimportant to this post. The reason I needed the delrin plastic is that I 4 of my rudder cable fair leads are 3/4″ 0.049 tub rather than the standard 7/8″ 0.049 tube. Well I couldn’t find a parts supplier that has the fair lead so I decided to make my own for the 4 that I needed. I used my drill press and angle grinder similar technique as a lathe and turned out 4 new fair leads. After the fair leads were fabricated I started working on the large tip tapes on the upper wing. I cut out another tip tape for the right side of the upper wing. I went ahead and installed the two tapes and glued them down. They tape alot of heat to get them to conform to the shape but they do. I then cut out a finishing tape for the aileron coves and glued them in. While things were drying I marked out and started tapes for the left horizontal stabilizer.

Time spent today 5 hours
Total time spent 944

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