Turtle Deck Hartwell Latch, Rudder Covering, lower right wing inspection rings

This week I received the hartwell latch from Wicks aircraft since the latch from Aircraft spruce was $148 and the latch from wicks was $13.20! I got right to work measuring and when i got it right where I wanted it I started removing some of the balsa wood so it would fit properly. I then used my dremel tool to cut out the shape of the latch.

After that I decided to start covering the rudder with left over fabric from the lower right wing. Kinda a rinse and repeat of the elevators and stabs so I won’t go into detail. The only challenge was cleanly getting around the rudder control horn and hinge combo. But other than that mostly routine.

After that I decided to glue on the lower right wing inspection rings. Once they were glued down I added a wet layer of glue over the top to dry for the doilies. After the glue dried I ironed on the doilies. (no pictures sorry)

Time spent 8 hours
Total time spent 1078 hours

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