Top coat on the upper wing

Today I decided to take the day off work to paint my upper wing besides it was my Birthday anyhow so what better way to spend day than painting my upper wing. I had a fair bit of cleaning to do to get the upper wing clean mostly just a good wiping and blowing with compressed air then wiping it down with a alcohol damped cloth. I loaded the upper wing into the booth and tacked it down several times to make sure it was ready. I estimated that I would need around 2000 total grams or about 58 ounces of part A to get the wing painted. I was nearly through my first gallon of white paint, so I just dumped the rest into my new gallon of paint. I mixed up the new gallon to get it nice and stirred and and mixed about 65% of my 2000 grams of Part A which ended up at 37 ounces of paint but once you add the catalyst and water you end up with quite a lot of paint, but you need it all for the first 3 coats. I sprayed the first coat and half way through my arm was killing me. Its really a bear to go up and down with so much paint in the hopper. The first coat took almost 20 minutes to tack enough that I was comfortable to move on to the next coat and really it wasn’t as tacky as I like. It also spider webbed on my real bad in places which it hasn’t done before. I just moved on at 20 minutes and sprayed the next coat. It still spider webbed in spots and this coat took nearly 25 minutes to tack. I was starting to get worried about pot life. Anyway I waited as long as I felt comfortable and shot the third coat. This one took nearly 30 minutes to tack. So now we are in almost 70 minutes and it was running and sagging all over the place. I didn’t know what else to do and most of the sags were where I had to put trim colors anyway so i just went with it and mixed up more paint and shot the final coat at 70 minutes. By the time it was all said and done I had runs in places and loads of sags so i tilted the wing up to horizontal to combat that. I came back about 3 hours later to a glossy in places but not really glossy and the areas that spider-webbed looked like strings of yarn in the paint there were other areas that looked like they blushed (a flat soft feel to them) I haven’t had any problems up to this point so this is the list of areas where I could have gone wrong.

1) New gallon of paint
2) New quart of cataylst
3) Possible High Humidity
4) Rushed job not tacking well. (it took nearly a 1hr 30 minutes when it normally takes 50ish minutes)

Well happy birthday to me! Like a giant F’you!

Here is a picture as you can see the wing is dull in places and semi glossy in others it was all over the wing in random places.

Time spent 4 hours
Total time spent 1294 hours

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