Masking the lower left wing, Finishing the silver on the cowling, painting the canopy metal

Today I got quite a bit of work acomplished. I started off by moving the upper wing out of the paint booth and hanging it to continue curing. I dropped the lower left wing down onto the saw horses. I attached the lower left aileron and started laying some tape lines for the lower wing. I simply laid down a straight line of 3/4″ fine-line down the edge of the leading edge. I then free-handed the radius to the tip. The masking was A lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I then measured along the rear spar root to the tip and got 90″ so I divided that by 6 and got my invasion strip increment of 15″. I then taped the lines inside (where it would stay white).

After I laid out the lines. I thought I better get started on the engine cowling silver stripe so that it could cure a while so that I could move it out of booth to paint something else. I remasked the lines and then masked off the white, sanded it down, and then took it into the booth for some paint. I mixed up some silver and shot both cowlings. about 30-40 minutes later I pulled the fine line tapes to allow the paint to roll over to a smooth line.

While those dried I continued working on the lower wing by flipping it over and laying out the line for the top surface. Again easier than I thought and free handing it was the way to go.

while the cowling dried I worked on masking the lower and upper surface areas that were going to stay white and silver. (sorry no picture for the upper surface.

After the cowlings had dried for about 4 hours I pulled the masking material and hung them on the fuselage carefully as the paint was still slightly soft, dry to the touch but was still curing. Man, she really is coming together.

After all that I decided it was high time to paint the canopy metal parts blue so I scuffed the primer with some scotch brite and hung them up in the booth and shot the blue onto them.

Time spent today 10 hours
Total time spent 1338 hours

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