Sanding, prepping and shooting the blue trim on the upper wing

Again a two day roll up. I continued working on the upper wing trim colors by sanding the areas where the blue was going. There was quite. Bit of area to sand so I decided to let the orbital sander nod the big areas then I hand sanded the small areas and areas near ribs and tapes. I sanded the upper part of the wing on Saturday night but decided I would be up to late to finish and quit early. On Sunday I hit it hard and finishing the sanding and prepping. My wife helped me load the wing into the booth and I measured the area to be painted and mixed paint. The new gallon of blue seems to like water The 3.0 ratio where as the previous gallon like 2.75 to get 21 secs. Oh well word to the wise all ways check the viscosity. Anyway I got the blue shot with no issues and Eve helped me pull the tape. Man, do I have a great wife or what! Anyway I thought it interesting to note that I wrote this post, and posted it all the while sitting up at FL400 on southwest flight heading across the country. Isn’t technology neat these days!


Time spent last 2 days: 6 hrs
Total time spent: 1364 hrs

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