Lower wings #3

Today was a long day, I finished jigging and leveling the left wing so both table were finished up and ready for some rib gluing. I decided I wanted to drill the scary holes first (I strut holes) I decided to do this prior to gluing the plywood doublers. The plan is to glue the front and the back and bottom doubler then drill the hole through the double once the glue is dry. and flip the wings later and glue the top and repeat. I I made jigs to drill the I-strut holes which was time consuming for the first and once I had figured out what I was doing the second was built rather quickly. A picture of the drilling jig is below.

I then measured and traced out and marked the I strut doublers so they would be ready to glue. I would have glued them but I was out of claps so I will go to the store and get some more. I instead glued my compression ribs only. The reason behind this was that I could then glue my drag/anti-drag wire blocks drill them out and insert the wires. Not gluing the ribs between the compression ribs allows me to slide the middle ribs one way or the other a tad bit so that the wires don’t interfere with them causing me to have to cut one of the rib trusses and installing a doubler there as well. We’ll see how that works out. Any way I started my first glue job. It’s been a while since I have worked with T-88 but it is sticky stuff.

Time spent today 6 hours
Total time spent 21 hours

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