Finalizing the wing tips

Tonight I decided to finalize the wing tips and cut them. I meaured everything numerous times and everything was still good. So I got out my radial compound miter saw and cut the first angle on both fronts and both rear spars.

After the first angle cuts were done I started in on the tapered cut on the forward spar left wing. I decided this time to use my circular saw to cut the taper this time as the coping saw I had was kinda slow and not very accurate. So I set the taper angle on my saw and using a wood guide with the right offset I would get a very straight line. So I took the dive and the started cutting…it worked great. I then got cocky and started in on the other side of the taper and cut the same direction without changing the angle. After I started cutting maybe 1/3rd the way through I realize this didn’t seem right. So I stopped and came at it from the other direction so the angle would be correct. Afterwards, I just glued the scrap back on and I will cut the taper back the other direction tomorrow no big deal.

Time spent 3 hours
Total time spent 152 hours

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