Lower Wing Aileron Hinge Doublers, sanding the center section, finishing 90 deg bell crank

Today I started off by sanding the bottom side of the top wing center section. I had quite a bit of material to remove so i used a hand plane for some of it which worked pretty good. I finished it off with my file until it was 1/4″ below the tops of the ribs. Here is a picture of it being glued and clamped with the spar cap material.

I then removed the clamps on the 90 deg bell crank plywood extension that was required due to the location of the 90 deg bell crank that hung off the edge of the I-strut doubler. I finished it off with a file to make it perfectly flat with the I-strut doubler and then I drilled it out to the 3/16″ hole.

After that I finally decided on a location for the aileron hinges on the lower wings. I glued on the aileron hing doublers (both sides), I had some left over glue so i decided to glue the center section spar cap wood and tacked it in place with some aircraft brads followed by clamps.

Time spent 4 hours
Total Time spent 169 hours

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