Lower Ailerons #15

Today I spent some time gathering more tools at the airport I got a different pneumatic squeezer some 3/8 thick aluminum pieces to make a dimple backing for those tight dimple areas and I grabbed some rivets. I received the leading edge adhesive yesterday and I decided today is the day to attach the leading edge for good. I decided week ago that I would be using solid rivets and counter sinking them. I had to make an offset for the squeezer so that I had enough room to dimple the sheet metal. I used the aluminum piece I picked up from the airport to drill a 3/32 hole and then counter sink to make the female backing that I could get really close to the edge of the flange as the normal and smaller female dimples weren’t small enough.

I started by removing the leading edge. I then sanded the ribs with 220 grit sand paper to rough them up for the adhesive. I also roughed up the leading edge where the ribs sat on the leading edge, and then I cleaned everything real good. I then mixed up the adhesive. I didn’t know how much to mix and I ended up mixing 3 batches to cover the ribs and the leading edge tube. After I got it all applied I re-installed the leading edge using clecos again. I made sure everything was straight finished clecoing all the holes. I then started dimpling. I started from the center and worked my way out. I would dimple a section between ribs and then re-cleco all but one and then buck rivets into the holes. This took forever as in 5 hours to buck all the rivets. But I was able to get a solid rivet all but a very select few and those were on the tapered tip.

Oh yeah and my wife came down stairs and bucked a few rivets for me!

Time spent today 8.5 hours
Total time spent 286 hours

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