Slave struts #2

Tonight I wanted to finish the slave struts so that I could take the wings back home for finishing. I started by measuring to get the right length. I then cut a piece of 7/16 X 0.120 to 1.75″. I used a #1 drill to ream it out so that I could tap to 1/4-28 for the rod end. I then drilled the other side out to 19/64″ (its what I had 5/16″ would have worked) I only ran that drill down 1 1/8″ so that I maintain about 5/8″ of threads. After that I cut a 3/16 slit in the streamline tube up 1.5″ along the length of the tube toward the front. After that I cut the taper on the back side. Using some clamps I squeezed it all together leaving the insert tube off the end by 1/4″. I welded everything up running two passes down the slit. I then ran beads down the back taper and finished by welding around the end to close everything up. After that I finish welded the top bracket where I left it yesterday and finished by taping the insert tube to 1/4″-28. Rinse and repeat on the other tube.

Time spent today 5.5 hours
Total time spent 467.5 hours

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