The nevering ending small glue jobs

Today I got a bunch of stuff done, got to love these three day weekends. I started off by going out to get some small solo cups to mix the System Three clear coat. I decided to go with the system three because I have heard some good things about it and it is a completely compatible with the T-88 I have been using. I mixed up 6 total Table spoons (4 Part A, 2 part B) to coat the lower front spar and nose ribs. It turns out that was enough to coat the entire front spar of the lower wings and some of the root rib and the tip bow, basically plenty.

After that I prepped for the gluing of the lower right and right upper aileron bay cap strips. I also glued the wedge supports for the right lower wing and upper left tip supports. Lastly I glued the trailing edge ply for the upper trailing edge of the upper wing.

While the glue dried I decided to flip the upper wing over so that the bottom was up. I need to plane the center section filler strip to match the profile of the to center ribs. After that I fit the upper wing center section leading edge. I took straps and some wood to cinch it tight so that I could mark the back side and rib profiles for trimming. I transferred the back side line in 1/2″ so that the center section ply could have some space to glue to the filler strip. I trimmed the edges of the leading edges using my tin snips of all things (which actually worked really well) finishing them up with 150 grit sand paper on block. I trimmed the back edge using my circular saw making sure I used masking tape on the top side of the cut to stop the edge shred. After I got a good fit, I measured and marked the location of the forward wing mount bracket and using a 3/4 drill bit drill three holes finishing the square hole out with my file.

After that (several hours something like 6 hours, helped my wife paint the bath room, ate dinner ect) I came down to check on how the glue was drying and it had hardened up so I “harvested” my clamps for more glue jobs. I decided to glue the large filler strips on all four wings along with the filler strips for the bottom side of the upper wing. I also glued the last of the tip support wedges for the left side of the upper wing. Lastly I decided to double the nose ribs of the top wing for the leading edge to glue. So i marked cut and fit the doubles and glued those too. I finished and checked the time and it was no less than 2:30 AM Sunday morning, oops! Oh well good progress today.

Time spent today 10 hours
Total time spent 493 hours

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