Gluing the center section leading edge

Tonight I thought it was high time to try out gluing a leading edge. I started by mixing up a batch of T-88 enough t cover the center section ribs and filler strip. Right after that I mixed up batch of clear coat to coat the inside of the leading edge. Since the two epoxies are compatible you can glue them a the same time. I then spread the clear coat on the inside of the leading edge making sure to get a nice coat on everything. I then let that sit and spread T-88 on the filler strips and the on the ribs making sure to work neatly as I will need nice joints for the other leading edges and cover plys. I installed the leading edge and then pulled it tight with my ratchet straps and some plastic covered wood to draw the skin tight. I finished off with some packing tape covered 1/4″ thick wood and I used my industrial stapler to staple that aft end of the leading edge to the fill strip. The 1/4 thick wood will allow my to remove the staples tomorrow.

After that I used the left over clear coat to make a second coat on the front spar front surface and in the lower wing walk area. I also used the left over glue to glue some 1/16 wood to the nose of them left lower wing to support the pitot static lines in which I will drill those out and install rubber grommets.

Time spent today 3 hours
Total time spent 518 hours

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