Rib stitching and taping lower left aileron

Today I decided that I was going to rib stitch my newly covered aileron. I had been practicing a piece of wood the modified seine knot and I was read to give it a go. Turns out I had to cut my starter knot 3 times and retry since I couldn’t keep my runner tight. I gave up trying to do it like the videos show and just downloaded the A.C. 43.13-1b to have a look at the external stitch method they had in there. and viola winner. I was able to do the knot and keep everything tight no issues. BTW I made a needle out of some 1/8″ welding rod I had around that I flatten one end with a hammer and drilled a 1/16″ hole in the end for the thread and I brought the tip to a dull point.

Time spent today 4 hours
Total time spent 669 hours

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