Breather tube and coating the upper wing with Eko-Fill

I finished off the breather tube install just to realized I will probably take it back out to make covering the bottom of the fuselage easier, oh well. Anyway here is the photo.

The last two days I have been working on the upper wing eko-fill. I started by ironing the tapes to make sure they were down. I then masked off everything I didn’t want painted. I then vacuumed the wings to get the big particles off, followed by the eko-clean and rinsing as showing the stewart’s manual. I then brushed the first coat and the next day I finished the bottom side of the top wing with the second brush coat so 1 cross coat. I have decided that I will never use terry towels again because they shead little balls of cotton on the taps and that gets into the eko fill and I you have to sand it off later, not hard to do but annoying. So I switched to jersey towels and they don’t shed and work just as good. So anyway I finished cleaning the upper side of the upper wing and brushed the eko-fill first coat on the wing to let dry overnight.

Time spent 10 hours
Total time spent 962 hours

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