Covering the lower right wing

Yesterday and today I worked on covering the lower right wing. I started by installing anti-chaffe tape on the the ribs and I double checked all the push pull tubes and bearings to make sure I didn’t forget anything. I then pre-glued all the edges that I was going to stick the bottom fabric to and then laid the fabric on just like the top wings. I trimmed the extra fabric off and then stuck the fabric into the dried yet tacky glue and then ironed it down. Once every thing was ironed down I added glue to all the pre-glued areas I just ironed. Once everything was dry I ironed it down to 250 deg F. After it was ironed I cut diagonals on the lower wing plywood inspection hole and ironed the fabric to the shape. The diagonals relieved the stress so that the fabric could take the shape of the square cut out.

The next day I glued the top fabric on rinse and repeat like the lower side. After all was dry I ironed it down to 250 deg F then 300 and finally 350 (both sides). I marked out all the rib stitches making sure to avoid the control tubes and then pre-punched them (both sides). Next I installed the rib reinforcing tape on both sides. I had just enough time to rib stitch one of the aileron bay ribs. Did I also mention I have been battling a head cold all week I’m pretty wiped so I will probably head to bed.

Time spent 12 hours
Total time spent 1014 hours

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