Covering the I-struts and finish ironing the lower right wing tapes

The last two nights I spent a few hours covering the one of the I-struts which didn’t take too long mostly just waiting for glue to dry but it is covered much the same way as anything else I have covered before. Tuesday night I covered half of one of the I-struts and the tonight I covered the other half. So now it is just waiting on finishing tapes. While I was waiting for glue to dry I directed my attention at getting the lower right wing read for the its first coat of fill. First thing that needed to be completed was to finish iron the tape edges to make sure they are staying down. I cranked my iron to 275 or so to make them nice and flat and soften that glue. I found that 275 seems to work best to get them to stick and stay down nice and smooth. You do have to be careful as to not shrink the tape so I have heard but I haven’t had any of those problems yet. So Tuesday I finished Iron the top of the lower right wing and tonight I did half the finish ironing of the bottom half of the wing.

Time spent last two days 4 hours
Total time spent 1090 hours

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