Forward Belly panel/exhaust channel, fuel line, and fuel tank straps

My dad was in town this weekend so we decided to work on the plane a little. We did some cleaning of the new flying wire threads and then coated them with Molybdenum Di-sulfide lubricant. After that we measured out the forward belly pan/exhaust channel. I am making it in three pieces left and right sides with a center channel it out on to the sheet metal we set that asside a for a trip to the airport to shear and fold them. We then measured out the fuel line from the fuel valve to the gascolator put a bend in it and trimmed to fit. Once we had all that completed we took my pile of items to the airport. Once there we made the bends for the belly pans, flared the fuel tube, sand blasted the fuel tank straps. Once we got back home we fit checked the belly pan. The sides fit well but the center channel didn’t I mis-measured so I measured again and transfered that on to a new piece and I will fold that another day.

Time spent today 6 hours
Total time spent 1429 hours

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