Rigging the wings and tensioning the flying and landing wires

Today I spent most of the afternoon rigging the wings and tensioning the flying and landing wires. I re-leveled the fuselage laterally and longitudinally at the cockpit longerons. I then leveled the upper wing and started tightening the landing wires to bring the upper wing to fully level with no anhedral or dihedral. I used my three livingston wing rigging boards one on the center section and one on each tip of the upper wing to check for anhedral and dihedral. If all three board tops line up there is none. I then started incrementally tightening the flying wires and landing wires to such that the tension came up but the wings didn’t move. I got the landing wires up to 750 lb measured this using my tensionmeter from Holloyway engineering. http://www.radialengine.com . The flying wires a a tad less tension since the geometery is more favorable, but both are between 650 and 750 lb as per the S-1S maintenence manual. I then checked my Angle of Incidence (AOI) to see where I was. The upper wing center section was right at 1.5 deg which is to be expected since I checked this when I rigged the wings before covering. The left upper wing tip was at 1.5 deg which is perfect and the left lower wing tip was at 1.5 deg along with the both lower wing roots. The right upper wing tip was at 1.0 deg and the right lower wing tip was at 2.0 so I’m off by 0.5 deg there or about 0.160″ or 2 AN960 and 1 AN960L washer if I do my geometry correctly. Unfortuanatlly the lower right wing tip is at too much AOI and the upper right tip is at to few so I have to de-tension to added the washers under both front spars. I tried very hard to get this just perfect during welding but I guess I just didn’t quite get there I was off by about 5/32″ boo hoo. So tomorrow I will de-tension and add those washers in and re-tension to see where I am no big deal.

Time spent today 6 hours
Total time spent 1483 hours

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