Fabricating the lower wing nose fairings and drilling and attaching the horizontal tail fairings.

Today I again feel like I didn’t get much done but everyday I get something done is a good day. I decided to tackle the nose fiairngs so I needed to install the lower forward belly panel/exhaust channel and side kick panels to get the profile correct. I again used the poster board technique to scribe a line in pencil on to the poster board then cut that out with scissors. This worked really well and required almost no tweeking afterwards it just fit the first time. (sorry no pictures forgot I’ll get them when I go out next time)

After that was done I moved on to attaching the horizontal tail fairings. I needed to do some more trimming on the lower side fo the horzontal tail fiairngs so I did that and temp attached the rubber channel. I then marked the out side of the fairing using masking tape then measured back in to wher I wanted screws to go into the inboard rib and then marked my screw holes and drilled and clecoed them in place. This worked really well and was very accurate. I did this for both the upper side and most of the lower sides but I was unable to drill the rear screw holes because my drill didn’t fit. I will borrow a 90 deg adaptor from my buddy to get those completed tomorrow. I also marked out the lower wing upper fairing for the screw holes but didn’t drill them yet.

Time spent 6 hours
Total time spent 1570 hours

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